Get the most out of Medicare. Take advantage of your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit!

AWV pic wendy and pattiAs a reminder, we are now offering Medicare Annual Wellness Visits. This is a free, preventative service separate from your annual exam without any co-pays. This visit provides Medicare/AARP beneficiaries the opportunity to work with their provider and the nursing staff to develop a more personalized plan of care. (This is a relatively new benefit that many physicians are not aware that you are entitled to. South County Internal Medicine is proud to be one of the first facilities to offer this benefit to it’s patients!)
Previously, Medicare’s primary focus was on treating disease rather than concentrating on preventative services. This benefit is a huge step forward in Medicare’s efforts to keep you healthy instead of paying for treatment once you are already sick.

Very often, seniors do not get the wellness care they need in order to maintain their health. Many do not receive the necessary and potentially life saving screenings they are entitled to under their Medicare benefits. These visits offer you the opportunity to coordinate your providers, account for risk factors, obtain necessary referrals and screenings, as well as updating your immunizations and medications which results in lower medical costs and better quality of care.

These visits are seperate from your annual physical with your doctor. We generally schedule these appointments at the convenience of our patients.  For more information, please feel free to call our office. Visit  for an easy to understand overview of these visits and how they benefit you, the patient! As always, we look forward to seeing you and providing you with the best and most innovative care possible.

You will find a copy of the Health Risk Assessment here:  Medicare Wellness- HRA questionnaire




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