Coronavirus (COVID-19)

new patient riOur staff at South County Internal Medicine is working diligently to provide you with the care you need, when you need it in a safe environment.

* We have a staff member placed in our foyer to screen all visitors to our clinic. Please be prepared to have your temperature taken and respond to questions regarding recent upper respiratory symptoms. Your cooperation will allow us to keep all our patients, our staff, and our community safe.

*Our staff diligently cleans patient contact areas (exam tables, chairs,  hand rails, door knobs) between each patient with an approved disinfectant.

* If you have a fever, cough, cold symptoms, difficulty breathing, or diarrhea, please call ahead, and we will schedule a  telemedicine visit for you with your provider.


Our team of providers remain current with guidelines and directives from the Rhode Island Department of Health. We will attempt to answer your questions and guide your care according to the latest information available.

We encourage you to practice good hand hygiene (washing your hands for twenty seconds with warm soap and water), using hand sanitizer, and avoid touching your face. Coughing into your sleeve or elbow will help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Follow the recommendations for social distancing, by remaining at home whenever possible, and avoid gatherings.

These are difficult and trying times. Working together, remaining vigilant, and offering to help one another will provide the opportunity for the best possible outcome for our community.

Click here for a link to the Rhode Island Department of Health website

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